Otto’s Remote Quick Update

Otto’s Remote 1.3.3 is now available! I’ve decided to try releasing several incremental updates for Otto, and this is the first of those. The headline feature for 1.3.3 is the addition of a search bar in all of the actions tables. This should hopefully help those of you with a ton of actions.

In addition, Otto’s Remote can now do something like variable substitution in command line arguments passed to your scripts. There are a handful of variables, and they work with both immediate actions and geo triggers. So far, most of these are related your iPhone’s location and will probably be most useful in conjunction with geo triggers. The available variables are:

Variable Description
device The name of the device which triggered the action
latitude The device’s approximate latitude when the action was triggered
longitude The device’s approximate longitude when the action was triggered
altitude The device’s approximate altitude, in meters, when the action was triggered
horizontalAccuracy The radius of uncertainty for the location, measured in meters
verticalAccuracy The accuracy of the altitude, measured in meters
speed The instantaneous speed of the device in meters per second
course The direction in which the device was travelling

To pass any of these in to your script as command line arguments, wrap the variable name in double square brackets. For example:

“[[device]]” [[latitude]] [[longitude]]

will pass three arguments to your script, the device’s name, latitude, and longitude. Currently Otto’s Remote does a dumb substitution of the variable values into your arguments string, so if your device name has spaces in it (very likely), you’ll need to quote it to make sure it is interpreted as a single argument, as shown above.

That’s it for now. Enjoy!