Otto and x-callback-url

Otto’s Remote is all about making things happen. You can make things happen with a tap. You can make things happen when crossing a geofence. And you can make things happen from certain other apps using x-callback-url.

Otto’s Remote exports its functionality to other apps via a simple command, which will trigger a specified action. The URL looks like this:

otto://x-callback-url/action?computer=[Computer Name]&action=[Action Name]

Otto’s Remote will try to find an action matching the given action name for the given computer name, and if it succeeds will fire the action. Neither the computer name nor the action name are case sensitive1.

You can also include the standard x-callback-url success and failure parameters.

That’s all there is to it!

Otto’s Remote and Otto’s Antenna are now available in the Apple App Stores! Click here for Otto’s Antenna and here for Otto’s Remote.

Update: As of version 1.3, you can also pass arguments to scripts via x-callback-url.

otto://x-callback-url/action?computer=[Computer Name]&action=[Action Name]&argument1=[arg1]&argument2=[arg2]...

You can pass as many or as few arguments as necessary, just keep incrementing the argument number. Note that the argument number takes precedence over the order the arguments appear in the URL. So, argument1 is always passed to the script before argument2, even if they are reversed in the URL.

  1. It is currently not possible to use x-callback-url when the name of the computer contains a smart apostrophe, such as in “Andy’s MacBook Air”. This will be fixed in version 1.1, which should be available soon. Update: This is fixed as of Otto’s Remote 1.1.