Entangler 2.1 Waiting for Review

Entangler 2.1 is in the can and waiting for review. Here’s what’s coming:


  • Entangler now lets you know when your action has completed.
  • Added a support interface where you can file support requests and view the FAQ.


  • Fix an issue where, if you opened the Entangler window too soon after launching it would never populate with your actions.
  • You can now choose an application when selecting a custom icon for an action. The action will use the selected application’s icon.
  • Fix an issue where an action’s icon may not update correctly when changing background color.
  • Hold down the Command key while clicking the “+” button to open your scripts folder in Finder instead of starting the import process.
  • The on-boarding process now directs you to the EntanglerApp.com web site for support and the action gallery.


  • Fix the “Establishing Entanglement” dialog never disappearing for new users (this is the most important of the bunch as far as I’m concerned).
  • You can now set actions to expire if something prevents them from firing immediately, such as your Mac being turned off.
  • More robust data synching and cacheing.
  • Fix an issue where, if you had actions with the same name on multiple Macs, triggering the action on any Mac would cause it to fire on all Macs.

As excited as I am to get this new version out to you good folks, I don’t expect to release it until early January (assuming Apple approves it by then). I’d hate to have shipped a nasty bug and not be able to address it even with an expedited review until after Apple finishes their holiday break.