BabyGrow 2.6 (er, 2.6.1) Now Available!

Today I am proud to announce that BabyGrow 2.6.1 is now available! Outwardly, this is the “iOS 7” update, fixing a number of issues on iOS 7 and updating the UI to fit a little better with Apple’s new design vision. The entry editor has also been improved, adding support for copy and paste and […]

Otto Temporarily Unavailable

Update: Otto has been updated and is now available again. Go grab Remote and Antenna! Over the weekend, I released a minor update to Otto’s Remote which fixed a crash that, while a bit off the beaten path, was probable enough that at least one of my users encountered it1. There was one change to […]

Gettin’ Serious About Screenshots

I’m putting on the finishing touches of new versions of Otto’s Remote and Antenna. One of the primary features of these updates is localization. The good folks at iCanLocalize are providing French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese translations. One or two other languages may also be coming in the near future. BabyGrow is also […]

Bye-bye BabyGrow

Update 11/1/13: BabyGrow is no longer up for sale, and I am back to working on it. It turns out I wasn’t ready to let it go yet, after all! I’ve been working hard on a new update which will mostly be fixing several issues with iOS 7. There might be one or two new […]

Otto and x-callback-url

Otto’s Remote is all about making things happen. You can make things happen with a tap. You can make things happen when crossing a geofence. And you can make things happen from certain other apps using x-callback-url. Otto’s Remote exports its functionality to other apps via a simple command, which will trigger a specified action. […]

Release all the things (that I’m not going to ship)

In his recent post Screens on Screen, Andy Baio says … stop hiding your imperfect and incomplete ideas for years. Stop collecting them in your head, like dying butterflies in a glass jar. It’s always better to let them fly. It occurred to me that I have a number of stalled projects, sitting in private […]

Introducting Otto’s Remote

Update: Otto’s Remote and Otto’s Antenna are now available in the Apple App Stores! Click here for Otto’s Antenna and here for Otto’s Remote. Recently I’ve hinted a few times that I am working on a new project. Now that I’m putting on the finishing touches, I’m ready to let the world know. So, without […]

Apps as Content

Jared Sinclair wrote about his disagreement with Apple’s messaging for iOS 7 in his recent post, Apps are content, too. It’s an interesting take on what has come out of Cupertino this week, and you really should go read it. Unfortunately, I think it’s bullocks. I tried very hard to sympathize with Jared, after all […]

A Parent’s iOS 7 Wish List

Here we are once again patiently awaiting WWDC and the iOS 7 announcements that will likely be made there. I haven’t done this in a while, but sometime back I wrote my wish list for iOS 4. Back then, I was hoping for what I called Simple Springboard to make iOS devices easier and safer […]

An Experiment, Inspired by Yahoo!’s Weather App

Several weeks ago, Yahoo! released their new Weather app, Yahoo! Weather. The app is quite lovely, featuring full screen photos overlaid with the weather information. When you scroll down, the photo blurs and shifts upwards. You can switch between locations by dragging from left to right, and there is a parallax effect as you do […]