A Dual Language Future

The Swift Programming Language book states that Swift is “designed to scale from ‘hello, world’ to an entire operating system.” This has troubled me from the start, and I brought it up again recently on Twitter: I am also still skeptical that we even want a One Language to solve all computing problems. — Andy […]

Entangler 2.1 Waiting for Review

Entangler 2.1 is in the can and waiting for review. Here’s what’s coming: iOS Entangler now lets you know when your action has completed. Added a support interface where you can file support requests and view the FAQ. Mac Fix an issue where, if you opened the Entangler window too soon after launching it would […]


Just shy of two weeks ago, Apple announced their new programming language Swift at WWDC. Apple stated that Swift was Objective-C without the C, and presented it as where things are moving. It is a very exciting time for Apple developers in general, and this new language is just the tip of things. So of […]

50 Down, 20 to Go

A bit under a year ago, I told my story of how I had “let myself go” over the years, and encouraged others not to follow my path. In that post, I talked about what I have been doing to try to reverse course. To my surprise, over the past year it’s been one of […]

Doing it Right

Recently I decided to make Sunrise free – a decision I discussed here. Unsurprisingly, this drastically expanded the app’s exposure. Of course, more users means more potential for bugs to be uncovered. Sure enough, a new customer reported to me that in his location, the sun rise and set times were all exactly two hours […]

Sunrise 1.2 is Out, and Free

I never expected Sunrise to sell very well, and I haven’t been disappointed. It’s a rare thing to sell a copy of it in a week. This is not surprising, it’s an app filling a need very few people have in a niche market that is already extremely crowded. Still, I made the decision to […]

Otto’s Remote Quick Update

Otto’s Remote 1.3.3 is now available! I’ve decided to try releasing several incremental updates for Otto, and this is the first of those. The headline feature for 1.3.3 is the addition of a search bar in all of the actions tables. This should hopefully help those of you with a ton of actions. In addition, […]

Sunrise 1.1 Coming Soon

Update 1/16/14: Sunrise 1.1 is now available. Go grab it! Thanks to Crashlytics I have learned that Sunrise 1.0 crashes – a lot. Fortunately, it would be very surprising if any of my customers have noticed, as the crash occurs when the app is in the background. The only sign the app has crashed is […]

More About Sunrise

Sunrise’s life started because I was curious about how often my son and I would be standing in the dark while waiting for his school bus in the morning. There are plenty of websites and apps which give the sun rise and set times for the current day, but I wanted to look at a […]

Introducing Sunrise

Today I am proud to introduce my latest app, Sunrise. Sunrise presents key information about the brightest star in our sky: the sun. With Sunrise, you can: Get sun rise and set times for your current location and anywhere in the world. See the sun’s elevation above the horizon throughout the day. Explore how the […]