BabyGrow is Hot!

Tuesday morning, as part of my ordinary morning routine, I launched AppViz to take a look at my previous day’s sales of BabyGrow. I was shocked to find I had sold more than twice as many as my prior best sales day – which itself was more than twice as many as average. I was certain I had just discovered a bug in AppViz, and went to go look at the sales report directly. When I found the report agreed with AppViz, I decided the bug must be at Apple. Surely I didn’t just quadruple my average daily sales! So finally I took a look at the iTunes App Store, and discovered to my amazement that BabyGrow was listed in the What’s Hot section of the store – right on the front page!

I have no idea how I managed to get on the list. Apple never contacted me or anything – it just showed up there one day. But I will not complain, and I think this graph should do a pretty good job of explaining why not:

Image no longer available

Thanks, Apple! I guess I forgive you for the keyword nonsense.