Do Not Let Yourself Go

Update: Wrote a bit about how this has been going for me now, almost a year later: 50 Down, 20 to Go. As a 36 year old overweight person trying to get into shape, I have some advice for all the fit and trim fresh college graduates: Do not let yourself go. Sounds obvious, but […]

Announcing BabyCalc!

A few months ago, I released BabyGrow Lite, a free version of my app BabyGrow. In terms of downloads, it did relatively well, reaching the top charts in its category in many countries. In the few months it was available, it was downloaded nearly as many times as its pay counterpart has over its nearly […]

Scan-build with daily clang in Jenkins

Some time ago, Daniel Jalkut created a gist with a Jenkins job configuration to build the latest Clang (here). I decided it would be great to use this in conjunction with the Jenkins scan-build plugin to use the latest Clang to perform static analysis on all of my projects. It wasn’t completely straightforward (to me) […]

Specifying Xcode Version for Jenkins Projects

From time to time, you need to build a project with a specific version of Xcode. Sometimes, you need to do so with automated builds in Jenkins. Unfortunately, Jenkins doesn’t provide a clear cut way to do this. It turns out it’s not too difficult to do, but I searched around quite a bit and […]

What ObamaCare Means to My Family

I have no intention of making this a political blog; however, with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on portions of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare 1) there’s been an awful lot of discussion about the Act. Much of this discussion is misinformed, or based on incorrect assumptions about what it does […]

Love the Product

I’ll come right out and say it: BabyGrow doesn’t make me a whole lot of money. People sometimes ask me why I bother. Wouldn’t it make more sense to try something new, perhaps aiming for a more substantial market? The simple answer is I bother because I love BabyGrow. I always have at least two […]

Workspace interproject-dependencies and xcodebuild

Update 8/14/2016: I just hit this problem again and, what do you know, this blog post was the first result on a Google search for the problem. Unfortunately, the solution I landed on four years ago isn’t the correct one (though it does work). Instead of going through the steps below, you simply need to […]

BabyGrow review… in Indonesia!

New review of BabyGrow over at Indonesian review site The iPhone Shack (now defunct). Google’s translation isn’t that great — but it sounds like they liked it! By the way, if you’re wondering how I found out about the review, I have a Google Alert set up for “BabyGrow iPhone.” If you have an iPhone […]