Sunrise 1.1 Coming Soon

Update 1/16/14: Sunrise 1.1 is now available. Go grab it! Thanks to Crashlytics I have learned that Sunrise 1.0 crashes – a lot. Fortunately, it would be very surprising if any of my customers have noticed, as the crash occurs when the app is in the background. The only sign the app has crashed is […]

More About Sunrise

Sunrise’s life started because I was curious about how often my son and I would be standing in the dark while waiting for his school bus in the morning. There are plenty of websites and apps which give the sun rise and set times for the current day, but I wanted to look at a […]

Introducing Sunrise

Today I am proud to introduce my latest app, Sunrise. Sunrise presents key information about the brightest star in our sky: the sun. With Sunrise, you can: Get sun rise and set times for your current location and anywhere in the world. See the sun’s elevation above the horizon throughout the day. Explore how the […]