A Parent’s iOS 7 Wish List

Here we are once again patiently awaiting WWDC and the iOS 7 announcements that will likely be made there. I haven’t done this in a while, but sometime back I wrote my wish list for iOS 4. Back then, I was hoping for what I called Simple Springboard to make iOS devices easier and safer […]

An Experiment, Inspired by Yahoo!’s Weather App

Several weeks ago, Yahoo! released their new Weather app, Yahoo! Weather. The app is quite lovely, featuring full screen photos overlaid with the weather information. When you scroll down, the photo blurs and shifts upwards. You can switch between locations by dragging from left to right, and there is a parallax effect as you do […]

Do Not Let Yourself Go

Update: Wrote a bit about how this has been going for me now, almost a year later: 50 Down, 20 to Go. As a 36 year old overweight person trying to get into shape, I have some advice for all the fit and trim fresh college graduates: Do not let yourself go. Sounds obvious, but […]